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How to Install Artificial Grass

Man's hands with the artificial grass roll and tools

Our Artificial Grass collection is UV stabilized and designed to be installed on a wide variety of surfaces, including dirt, asphalt, concrete, and even decking. Most outdoor artificial grass lawn installations use completely porous technology above a dirt sub-base. At Artificial Grass & Turf Installation ourĀ installation experts have put in place many premium garden lawns thanks to our expert training and certification. Our customers canĀ be confident that we will take excellent care of your home and make as little noise and clutter as possible when we run your artificial grass installation project.

Foundation Preparation

Before we begin installing anything, we excavate the area to the desired depth, removing any undesired plants, rocks, and vegetation along the way. As a further step, we lay brick edging all the way around the boundary of the space. The turf will hide this brick, but it will provide a sturdy edge for the grass to adhere to. Your grass will remain firmly attached to the ground in this manner. After that, we water, pack, and level the leftover dirt. We do this so that the extra layers that support your artificial grass have something strong and smooth to attach to.

Weed Barrier and Aggregate

To stop the spread of weeds, a special geotextile membrane is professionally installed. Our expert installers then lay down an eco-friendly weed barrier on top of the aggregate subbase. This particular sheet of geotextile membrane has been specifically selected and installed for the purpose of preventing the development of weeds over the whole base of the artificial grass. The old foundation is torn out and replaced with a new one made of crushed rock aggregate. This ensures that the artificial grass is provided with adequate drainage underneath it. To prepare the surface for the installation of the artificial grass lawn, our professional installation crew first lays down a foundation of crushed rock aggregate throughout the whole area.

Artificial Grass Application

The artificial grass of your choice will be supplied and installed by the crew. Joining techniques employed by our skilled and qualified sports field experts are also used by our professionals while working on residential installations. All of the edges are glued with a high-quality adhesive that will last for a long time. The artificial grass is placed using our specially formulated sports field grade adhesive. White silica sand infill is blown over the artificial grass using a special compressor and then brushed on manually to give great stability and protection for the whole installation. The use of this product is required to complete the installation procedure. The silica sand does more than just keep the grass healthy; it also keeps it from shifting or tearing in the face of scorching temperatures.

Artificial Grass Installation Cost

It's important to keep in mind that artificial grass is a long-term investment. After making a payment, you won't have to think about it again for a while. Do not let the price tag of artificial grass discourage you from having it installed. You should also consider how you could save on professional lawn care services, fertilizer, lawn equipment, and aeration. These cost-cutting measures have a cumulative effect throughout the lifetime of a lawn. Your artificial grass will eventually pay for itself thanks to the money you save. The installation of artificial grass in the yard may increase the market value of a house. The final price tag for installing artificial grass will be based on the kind of turf you choose and the total square footage of the area being covered.

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