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Fake Grass For Dogs

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There is no need for dog and cat owners to choose between a great-looking yard and a happy animal now that the most technologically sophisticated artificial grass for pets is available at affordable pricing.  Our artificial grass for pets is very popular among canines and felines for all of these activities. Our pet-friendly artificial grass is safe for dogs to play on since it is non-toxic and exceedingly tough for them to chew through and rip apart, yet it is still comfortable under their feet. Artificial grass for your dogs has a lifelike appearance, is UV-stabilized, and can be installed on a variety of surfaces including dirt, asphalt, concrete, and decking. This provides a clean environment free of muddy paw prints and a safe, cushiony surface for dogs to run about on. Our team can add bio-enzymes to aid in natural decomposition by breaking down materials and creating a balanced natural environment.

Reasons to Get Fake Grass for Dogs

The artificial dog grass we sell may be used inside or outdoors. Artificial grass makes playing with pets like dogs and cats simple, entertaining, and clean, whether you're using it for a quick game of fetch before bed or a lazy day in the sun. In contrast to some other brands of artificial grass, Artificial Grass and Turf Installation's solutions are completely pet- and dog-friendly. In other words, it does not harm the synthetic grass and urine may travel straight through the grass barriers. To keep the grass clean and sanitary, all that is required is a quick spritz with a disinfectant spray and a quick wipe down. Many of our satisfied clients have chosen artificial doggy turfs because they have positive feedback from our happy customers. Artificial Grass & Turf Installation’s products are pet-friendly, and if you're searching for something, especially for your pet, we have that, too.

General Appearance

To reduce fading, the ideal artificial grass is coated with UV-resistant compounds. While your dog probably doesn't give a hoot if the grass starts to fade, it may be an eyesore for homeowners who have it installed over a broad area. You might potentially violate association rules or generate friction with your neighbors. When installing an artificial patch, you have the option of selecting from a variety of grass blade color options, some of which are more genuine looking than others. If you're utilizing a small section of fake grass on your patio for toilet reasons, aesthetics probably aren't as crucial as they would be if you were using the whole yard. Contact one of our sales representatives to get the best options for you and your furry pet.

Doggy Grass for All Shapes and Sizes

Artificial grass is sometimes provided in either a single big section or in many smaller pieces. Select artificial grass that is practical for your dogs and straightforward to install, and you'll be good to go. For instance, if your yard is sizable, you may find it convenient to install a single unit. However, artificial grass offered in tiny sections might be more manageable for homeowners with small, irregularly shaped lawns. If you have a large dog or a dog pack, you should choose artificial grass that is thicker and more resilient. While smaller, less robust canines may be less likely to harm artificial grass.

Artificial Doggy Grass Drainage Systems

A drain tray can be used with more compact grass areas to collect runoff. This will aid in preventing smells and keeping the lawn dry. However, it's important to keep in mind that artificial grasses designed for bigger, outside areas should have an appropriate tiered drainage system that helps filter waste to the ground underneath it.

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