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Commercial Artificial Turf

Landscaping of the yard with artificial turf. Male hands hold a roll of artificial grass.

With a vast number of years of experience in the industry, we are the go-to artificial grass supplier and installer for some of the foremost architects, property designers, landscape architects, and general contractors in the area. No matter the size of your project, from a single office to a multi-building corporate campus, we can handle any project, from installing artificial grass to installing a full-scale sports field. Our commercial-grade artificial grass products are incredibly flexible and adjustable, allowing them to be installed in a wide variety of settings both inside and out.

Commercial Artificial Turf for your Golf Course

We often think of artificial grass in two contexts: sports arenas and private lawns. In fact, artificial turf can be customized to meet any specifications for your corporate world. While there are numerous variables to consider when designing a golf course, a playable surface is always essential. The good news is that artificial turf works well at every stage. Artificial turf can be used for everything from putting greens to driving ranges. Plus, it's the best option for keeping your golf course looking lush and green throughout the year.

Retail and Sporting Facilities

There are probably more pressing matters at hand in your retail space than the upkeep of the grass. Artificial turf is a great way to improve the look of your retail establishment, even if it doesn't receive a ton of customers. Since it maintains its lush, verdant, and welcoming appearance throughout the year, it is sure to attract attention. Commercial Grade Artificial turf is a favorite of professional sports teams, high schools, and university's and it can be easily installed in professional stadiums of any size. Artificial Turf is highly recommended if you run an indoor soccer field, private tennis court, or track and field training facility. It's less dangerous than real grass, requires almost little upkeep, and is simple to install.

Commercial Swimming Pools

Liquids, polished concrete, and heavy foot traffic all contribute to an unsafe environment in public swimming pool areas. Because it provides a high level of grip while also soaking up excess water, artificial grass is presently the preferred material for functionality and safety around commercial swimming pools. Even after coming into contact with harsh pool chemicals, artificial turf will not discolor or stain in any way. In addition to this, it does not produce debris or grass blades, which makes it simple to maintain the overall cleanliness of your pool and surrounding area.

Playgrounds for Children and Community Gathering Places

Artificial turf is the best option for playgrounds, another area where safety must be prioritized. Because the landscape is non-toxic and cannot be dug up, it requires very little maintenance. Most importantly, it's very plush, so it will absorb impact and keep your kids safe from injury if they happen to fall. Commercial Artificial turf is a fantastic installation solution for any public place, including office buildings, community centers, apartment complexes, and other shared spaces. Not only does it contribute to the building's visual attractiveness and provide a tranquil space for employees to unwind, but it may also significantly reduce the amount of money spent on repairs and upkeep.

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