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    Artificial Grass


    All types of property owners, including residential, commercial, and industrial, are rapidly increasing their interest in artificial grass alternatives. It not only helps save time and money but also adds value to any property by reducing the amount of care needed and improving the outside appearance. Having said that, there is a huge variety of synthetic and artificial grass that can be purchased from various retailers around the country, and can get overwhelming. We at Artificial Grass & Turf Installation are here to guide you in making the decision that is best for both your budget and your property.

    About Us

    Providing innovative and affordable grass installation solutions is key to Artificial Grass & Turf Installation's mission as a service-based team.  Our extensive experience, skilled teams, and insatiable appetite for innovation and growth allow us to tailor-make inspiring creative processes, products, and application strategies to meet the specific requirements of each artificial grass installation project. Our installation crew is built on the principles of premium customer service, efficiency, dependability, client satisfaction, and loyalty.

    Our Services

    Artificial Grass & Turf Installation is dedicated to collaborating with our various manufacturers to effectively install innovative artificial grass solutions. Customers choose us for luxury stadiums, residential play areas, pet-friendly zones, and indoor rest and rewind workplace spaces because they know they can rely on us. We feel that each of our customers is entitled to high-quality grass and professional installation teams capable of adapting to the market's ever-changing demands.

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    Residential Artificial Grass

    The ideal alternative for you is Residential Landscaping is Professional high-quality Artificial Grass. It's low-maintenance compared to genuine grass, yet it looks the same. The fact that it can keep your grass green all year is a significant benefit. Because genuine grass needs ongoing maintenance, the related costs are no longer a concern. Your artificial lawn can be utilized all year and needs little to no maintenance, saving you time, money, and energy. If water is left to accumulate underneath your artificial grass for an extended period of time, it may create major difficulties. It is unavoidable that it will cause damage to the foundation to which it is attached. We are certain that we will prevent major damage and prolong the life of your artificial grass by installing exceptional drainage for all our artificial grass installation projects.

    Commercial Artificial Turf

    We are the go-to artificial grass supplier and installer for some of the foremost architects, property designers, landscape architects, and general contractors. Our commercial-grade artificial grass products are incredibly flexible and adjustable, allowing them to be installed in a wide variety of settings both inside and out. Artificial turf can be used for everything from putting greens to driving ranges. It's less dangerous than real grass, requires almost little upkeep, and is simple to install. Artificial turf is the preferred material for functionality and safety around commercial swimming pools. It provides a high level of grip while also soaking up excess water. The landscape is non-toxic and it requires very little maintenance. Most importantly, it's very plush, so it will absorb impact and keep your kids safe from injury if they happen to fall.

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    Artificial Grass vs Synthetic Turf

    The term "artificial grass" has evolved to refer to any kind of man-made grass, although it may also refer to synthetic turf. The most important knowledge to understand is that there are significant distinctions between various varieties of artificial grass. The materials and manufacturing process are what determine the quality and value of a product. When you hire us, you may be certain that you will get the highest quality and the longest life possible. Artificial grass and synthetic turf solutions are all around us, but keep in mind that they are not all created equal.  If you want to get the most out of your money, we guide you in choosing the synthetic turf or artificial grass that is most suited to your unique demands. Our friendly team will gladly give you a free, no-obligation quote and advice you on which kind of artificial grass or synthetic turf would work best for your unique needs and budget.

    Fake Grass For Dogs

    The artificial grass and synthetic turf installed by Artificial Grass & Turf Installation are safe for use around pets. Our artificial dog grass can be implemented both inside and out. A simple spritz with disinfectant spray and wipe down is all that's needed to maintain the grass clean and hygienic.  Make sure the artificial grass you choose is low-maintenance and suitable for your canine companions. Artificial grass can be provided in either one large piece or in a number of smaller units. In the event that you own a big dog or a dog pack, it is recommended that you go with a thicker and more robust turf. When dealing with denser patches of grass, a drain tray may be utilized to absorb excess water and keep the lawn dry.

    Adorable Akita Inu dog and puppies on artificial grass near window
    Close up of the artificial grass turf background.

    How to Install Artificial Grass

    The UV-stabilized Artificial Grass series can be laid on a broad range of surfaces, from dirt and asphalt to concrete and decking. Most artificial grass lawns used in outdoor settings are installed with a fully permeable system on top of a soil foundation. A specialized membrane is laid by our experts to prevent weed growth. After the aggregate foundation is in place, our skilled installers will put down an eco-friendly weed barrier. Our artificial grass is installed using a high-performance adhesive designed for use on sports fields. To provide excellent stability and protection for the whole installation, white silica sand infill is blasted over the fake grass using a special compressor and then brushed on manually. The ultimate cost of installing synthetic grass will be determined by factors such as the kind of turf selected and the area's square footage.

    Synthetic Lawn

    A synthetic lawn is made out of synthetic fibers or yarn, most often nylon, polyethylene, or polypropylene. Polyethylene grass is ideal for usage in a range of environments, including lawns, landscaping borders, and playgrounds. If it is a lower quality material or if the synthetic lawn installation is not performed by our grass professionals, it will most likely show signs of wear and tear much sooner. Some of the primary advantages of synthetic lawns over real grass are self-evident. It is attractive all year since it is not impacted by shifting weather patterns and does not need watering. Some components are hazardous to persons and the environment if not installed appropriately by our team of qualified expert installers.

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    Contact Us For More Information

    Over the years, our Artificial Grass & Turf installation crew has worked with a broad range of synthetic grass materials and perfected our installation procedures. When it comes to the quality of our work, we never settle for second best.  When you contact our friendly customer service representatives, you will see the respect and attention to your synthetic grass project that distinguishes everyone here. All of our service contact numbers are provided, and we are available to take your call at any time during normal business hours if you want assistance.

    Roll of green artificial grass on new soccer field.

    “I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the help you provided during the recent purchase and installation of our artificial grass for pets. I was quite pleased with the finished installation process, as well as the variety of items and the quality of the customer care that was provided” Cynthia A


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    ‘I just wanted to send a huge thank-you to everyone at Artificial Grass & Turf Installation. All of your efforts have paid off and the project is a success. The coloring of the grass is quite accurate, so it nearly completely matches our new landscape. Because of the lushness of the grass, the kids have a safe and comfortable place to play” Tamara L


    Artificial Grass & Turf Installation - About

    "I really appreciate your assistance in finding the ideal lawn for my household. What can we say? We're in love with it! Prompt service and helpful staff members, and very affordable pricing. Definitely a for all artificial grass enthusiasts” Aleshia P